Client Comments

From Artie Anderson - Purchase
Yates is an A+++ agent.  She put aside 2 days for me knowing I needed to find a house ASAP.  Real class act.  I really enjoyed working with Yates.  Yates was very helpful & went the extra mile to help us.  She is a super person - real asset to Montague Miller.

From Julia Sapir - Purchase
Yates was extremely accessible and personable.  Rating:  excellent knowledge and performance.

From Pat Bristowe - Purchase
With my lease running out and with definite ideas about many things I wanted in my new home, I was lucky to find Yates Nobles.
Yates was with me at every step, every detail.  More than that, she sensed just what would please me and scaled her search to those particulars.  And I had emails and phone calls that were way beyond the call of duty. 

She is no 8 to 5 professional.  Yates works 'round the clock.  And her efficient, friendly, calm help soon became my anchor and safe haven.  I trust her ~ and for good reason.  She's a good person.  She knows what she's doing.  She has great taste.  She will find EXACTLY what you're looking for, and you'll have a wonderful time with her too!  From the first day right through closing on the property and even beyond that, she'll be there for you.

From Jill Mulligan - Sold listing full price first day it was open for viewing!

I  recommend Yates as both a buyer's as well as a seller's real estate agent. I was very pleased with her help in selling my house because she gave me a thorough preview of the process as well as a lot of feedback in getting my house ready to sell. She helped me negotiate a contract to get full price for my house. She came with me to the closing, which was also a great help. She even helped me pack!

As my buyer's agent, she helped me to narrow down the number of houses we looked at, based on my specific needs and wants. She is very knowledgeable about the various neighborhoods and properties we visited and helped me to see all the options available in Charlottesville. Even though I decided not to buy a house now, her energy, expertise and enthusiasm made looking for a new home feel like an adventure instead of a chore. Plus, she is fun to be with!

From John H. Cannon – Manual Level, c 1814 - Purchase

We had specific goals that we were looking for in a house in the Charlottesville area. After looking for 18 months, with no success, we entered into a formal agreement with Yates where she would act as our buyer’s agent since we were living 400 miles away. At no time during this engagement did she try to change or modify our goals. She was persistent in her search. When we identified the house that met our objectives, Yates went to the house to preview it for us. During her tour, which she teleconferenced us in, she took over 70 digital pictures. That evening she e-mailed the photographs to us to review while our teleconferenced tour was still fresh in our minds. Shortly after her preview, the house was taken off the market. Yates developed a plan where we were able to buy the house even thought it was not on the market. Throughout the entire process, we were in constant communication with Yates via cell phone and e-mail. Yates is a realtor who uses and embraces technology to bring a successful conclusion to a real estate search. Her attention to detail and follow-up is outstanding. Her assistance in helping us move to our new home was above and beyond anything a person could expect. Yates is no longer just our realtor, she is a friend.”


From Greg & Nancy Nagy – Weston Lane, Crozet Listing

Thank you for your wonderful service!

Nancy and I wish to thank you for your wonderful work. With the many stressors involved in any move, your kind and professional manner was a breath of fresh air. Also, your knowledge of the local market was impeccable. As armchair realtors, (we researched the internet endlessly), we truly appreciated and still appreciate your ability to highlight the best course of action. We strongly recommend your services to everyone we meet!

You listed our home and sold it in record time. Even better, you anticipated potential problems and saw to it that the deal went through. Everyone deserves a realtor as good as you. We recommend you strongly to everyone we meet.

From Glenn Showalter:
Yates is the ideal I had in mind decades ago thinking of the day I would need a real estate agent...Some business friends in Charlottesville introduced me to Yates as I was looking for my first house...referring to her as the best.  Now in a short sale, I must agree, Yates is amazing and all I had hoped for.  You would think she was shopping for herself or for her children -- the ideas, the people, specialists she knows, suggestions ideas, advising, communications, always thinking about my best interests, analysis of the market -- perhaps most important, all of the things I didn't know I would need or needed to know.  Everything has been as predicted, and everyone recommended first rate, the best.  

From Gina & Ken Jollofsky - Louisa County Sale

We began our home search in late November 2009. We had a specific budget in mind and, as it is often the case amongst couples, we have two distinctive tastes that needed to blend together. Therefore, finding the ideal home to suit both our tastes was no easy challenge.

Within the first week of selecting Yates Nobles as our realtor, we realized that she was the best in the business. She is the ultimate professional and despite having other clients, she made us feel as she was solely working only in your home search. She communicated with us frequently and kept us informed of homes within our price range, as they became available. Besides communicating with us via phone calls, she also reached us via e-mail and we would observe the time of her notes and noticed that she would be working late into the evening. Her commitment is astounding!

Our price range was on the lower end so, at times, we viewed homes that were in need of repairs, in a state of disarray or in a part of a county that was difficult to get access. There are numerous instances where Yates went beyond the call of duty. She was determined that we would find our ideal home. Our most vivid memory of her determination was when we had to walk up a very steep hill in over a foot of snow to view a home that was supposed to have breathtaking views. The snow was slippery but she forged ahead like a seasoned mountain climber!! She was in the trenches with us and not once did she give up hope that we would find our special place.

It was a pleasure to have her sitting next to us on the day of our closing. She had held our hands through the whole ordeal and like a trusted family member; she was there with us on such a joyous event. She embraced us once the closing was officially completed and our words of gratitude were not enough to thank her for everything she has done. There is no doubt that our accomplishment was greatly due to her perseverance and commitment to see us through the difficult times and to finally realize our dream of home ownership. We have Yates Nobles to thank for this amazing fortune. She was there through the entire process.

We highly recommend Yates Nobles as your realtor. She is truly the best in the business.



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